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These mares are the foundation of our World Class breeding programme. We have sought strong mare lines with well documented family histories to increase our breeding success. Notice that each has achieved coveted approvals and performance ratings as well as having a bloodline history of success. These mares provide a proven foundation for the success of our foals and your future riding and breeding horses.

A German study shows a high correlation between the mare performance test results and the ability to predict the talents of the mares offspring

Genetically, the mare is responsible for at least 50% of the foal. Some breeders even argue by observation that the dam affects the offspring at a rate of 60% or more. In the majority of cases breeding experts will tell you the mares characteristics override the stallions. A rule of thumb in the breeding world is that you can breed a mediocre stallion to a great mare and still have a nice foal. But breed a great stallion to an undesirable mare? The results will be disastrous. Temperament, conformation and talent are each critically tied to the mares genetic structure, a structure she passes from generation to generation. Therefore, understanding the mares crucial rule in the breeding process is an undeniable essential part of the breeding equation.

- "The Mare Matters" in Dressage Today

Vinny (IMP) >>>
Lulu 2Yr Lulu Foal Lulu Foal Sire Totilas Sire Totilas Sire Totilas Dams Grand Sire Donnerhall

WP Hollywood (LuLu)

Totilas x Biwmares Vermillion (Donnerheist)
Moorlands Totalis, the horse that set the world record for highest dressage test score(92.4). He was sold for $10 million
Black Mare to make 16.0hh
Foal Score: 76.75%

Totilas needs no introduction he is the most famous dressage horse in the world. His stud fee alone is 8.000 euro.

  • Best dressage horse of all times and three-time World Champion, three-time world record holder
  • In a short space of time, Totilas set three world records, which he himself had broken again and again under Edward Gal. In only two years, this exceptional stallion has won all the titles there are to win and two times individual gold and team gold at the 2010 World Championships, individual and team gold at the European Championships in Windsor, 2010 World Cup.
  • His progeny are selling for record prices at auctions and semen is limited.
  • Biwmares Vermillion is by Donnerheist who died tragically young and was imported by Mary Hanna.
  • Donnerheist is by the legendary Donnerhall.. who is the most influential sire of all time producing Grand prix horses time after time. Donnerhall himself was an Olympic and world dressage champion under Karin Rehbein
  • Vermillion oldest progeny are just starting FEI Level in Australia
  • Farah-Diba (IMP) [Deceased] >>>
    Kirkwood Sorceress (NZRP and BPS) [Deceased] >>>


    Hells Bells 1Yr Hells Bells 1Yr

    Hells Bells

    Airthery Highlander x Whisky
    Bay Gelding to make 17hh

    Airthrey Highlander is a Clydie X Grand Prix Dressage Stallion.

    Whisky is a Clydie X Level 3 Dressage and Show hunter winner.

    Hells Bells, is an adorable gentle giant.

    Airthrey Highlander >>>

    Sir Ryan Foal Dam Russia R Sire Starnberg Grand Sire Sir Donnerhall Mothers Sire Regarez Moi Grand Sire of Mother Rubenstein

    Sir Ryan

    Starnberg (Sir Donnerhall) x Russia R (Regardez Moi) )
    Black Gelding to make 16.1hh

    Starnberg (imp) is by Sir Donnerhall

  • One of the most secure German dressage horse makers. Sire of World Champions, price highlights and licensing winners
  • Sir Donnerhall I makes history. In 2012 he hit again numerous headlines: The son Sa Coeur was the 2012' World Champion for five-year old dressage horses and was then auctioned for 2.31 million Euro.
  • Starnberg dam is by Rouletto reported to have a very good reputation in Germany as a “mare maker”. The number of his prize winning mares is now 70, his daughters always shine with above average mare performance tests.

  • Russia R is by Regardez Moi

  • Regardez Moi is the most winning Grand Prix dressage stallion in Australian history with well over 40 Grand Prix wins to his credit.
  • 2009 Ranked # 7 Dressage Stallion in the World according to the WBFSH-FEI World Breeding Rankings - First time ever that an Australian Stallion has been ranked.
  • Russia R dam is by Grand Kavalier by Grunstein out of SPS Resista full sister to Rubinstein

  • This makes for a very interesting and exciting dressage prospect.

    He has the most endearing easy temperament and is a yard favourite.